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What does your optimal performance look like? (2)

By Crystal Chan

Last month I brought up this topic by talking about a professional boxing match, which might prompt some of you to think of physical activities a little bit and even set up some health-related goals.

But the idea of “optimal performance” is more than just specific goal setting. 

Using the boxing match from last month as an example – sure, Andy Ruiz Jr. definitely wants to win.  In order to do so, however, Andy needs to work on his combos and build up his stamina.  More importantly, he will mentally prepare himself and picture what his “optimal performance” will look like during the match – how he throws his punches and defends himself from his opponent, knowing very well what his strength and weakness are as a fighter. 

Building a successful business is a goal – but how each entrepreneur gets there is different.  We also play many other roles in our lives – spouse, parent, child, friend, caregiver, etc.   So even when all of us want to build a profitable business, our “optimal performance” will look very different from one other.  One person might have saved enough money to build the business full-time, another person might work on it at 4 am while the kids are asleep.  One person might start out by getting friends and family members as test subjects, another person might start out by creating a strong social media presence.

While as entrepreneurs we often have to do (almost) everything by ourselves at the beginning, we need to play on our own strength.  And before we start looking externally and comparing ourselves with some random benchmark, ask ourselves – have we gotten better at it since we started this journey?

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