What does your optimal performance look like?

Those who love to watch martial arts fight matches will probably still remember the shocking outcome of the “Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr.” fight that took place this past June. 

This piece is written for those who have no idea what I just said. 

In short, Anthony Joshua is the undefeated unified WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight champion.  Andy Ruiz Jr., in comparison, is just another boxer.  A friend of mine once jokingly said this is a match between a “Greek God” and a “gas station regular Joe”.  But to everyone’s great surprise, this so-called “gas station regular Joe” dominated the “Greek God” in the ring and won the fight.

You can see the highlights of the fight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7PG-kAu6u8&t=88s

We are always fooled by the appearance.  We tend to think that those who are fit, active, and healthy have a specific body shape.  We think that we will somehow reach our best when we “have that thigh gap”, or “lose that belly”.  But does any of those features make us a better runner, or have better body strength and flexibility?

Our body shape and size are mostly determined by our genetics.  Optimal physical performance looks very different from one individual to another.  If we walk pass Andy Ruiz Jr. on the street, we would have thought he is just another man who is overweight and does not take care of his body.  But the truth is Andy has much better endurance and strength in that fight.

All the training and conditioning exercises did not (and will not) make Andy’s body look like Anthony’s, but it certainly made Andy a great fighter. 

So, what does your optimal performance look like? 

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