The Raj Manek Mentorship Program is excited to offer the Toolkit for current participating Mentors and Protégés. The toolkit is designed with a focus on innovation and the aim of enhancing the learning experience and mentorship service. With personalized collaborations, instant messaging, professional support, and an extensive library dedicated to the eight major aspects of business, we strongly believe the toolkit will be the solution to help business owners develop, improve and succeed in various areas of their business.

The toolkit has three components as listed below:

Ask the Advisor

  • Top quality professionals who have been within their designated area of interest will help facilitate open collaborations, group discussions, help answer questions within their area, and will be a source of direct contact through the "Ask the Advisor" button

Member Services

  • Collaboration wall that allows multiple users to simultaneously engage in a discussion and allows support for each other in order to tackle business issues and ideas
  • Allows other users to view past discussions and answers given by advisors
  • Personalized private messaging system enables users engaged in private conversation and allows confidential information to be relayed and protected under our private policy.


  • Hosts various documents, pdf, excel, word, YouTube/video, audio, and images that provide further insight on complicated topics under each of the eight areas
  • Instant downloading for each document published within the Toolkit
  • Integrated with our Search Bar to quickly assess and find various topics of keywords that visitors are looking for Professionally managed and regularly updated topics.

Toolkit Resources

Access the toolkit resources here


This information given by any of our Toolkit Advisors should not be interpreted as legal advice, and Toolkit Advisors are not responsible for the advice given. If you are seeking legal advice, please consult your lawyer.