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Raj Manek was born in the small village of Ol Kalou, Kenya, to parents who had left their native India the decade before, to seek better economic opportunities. Raj completed a degree in Economics at the University of Bath, England, before returning to Kenya. Years later, in 1974, at a time of political unrest in nearby Uganda, Raj immigrated to Canada. After spending 4 years in the Northwest Territories, Raj relocated to Saskatoon in 1979, to the city and the business community that he loved the best.

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The part of this website which lets mentors and protégés sign into their profiles is referred to as the online portal. Through the portal, a best-fit match can be made of mentors and protégés based on the business requirements of protégés and mentors’ strengths. The portal also tracks mentor-protégé progress throughout their mentorship term. It also provides access to the following business resources:

  • The Toolkit with information and contacts for various areas of business, e.g. HR, Legal, etc.
  • Monthly seminars
  • Networking events
  • Software access to
    • Profit Driver (reporting on protégé’s financial outlook)
    • First Research Database (identifies trends and developing KPIs)
    • E-statement Studies (enables participants to benchmark their business’s financial results to their industry)

An overview of the matching process

Protégé Information

Yes, to be matched with a mentor it is required that you are full-time in business.


Mentorship fees are $301 per 12-month term.

The following benefits are offered, in addition to 12 months of one-on-one mentorship:

  • 10 seminars, one per month (except July and August)
  • Peer-to-Peer mentoring
  • Access to various on-line resources
  • Access to networking events
  • A complimentary ticket for yourself to the Annual Raj Manek Banquet; and
  • The option to purchase a cost price ticket to the Annual Raj Manek Banquet for your guests

The matching process finds the best match through the portal according to protégé’s business requirements and a mentor who is most conversant in those areas. It gives an analysis to the Program Coordinator, who finalizes the match.

There are two Mentorship intakes per year - one in March and second in September. All mentorship terms are for a period of one year. Protégés can extend their mentorship term when the year is complete. They have the option of:

  • Renewing with their present mentor (should that mentor be available);
  • Renewing the mentorship with a different mentor; or
  • Choosing to not renew for the upcoming term

Should a protégé choose to renew for a new term, the same fees of $301 apply for the next 12 months.

Business mentoring offers many benefits. By participating in a mentoring relationship, you will be able to achieve the following: Enhanced strategic business initiatives

  • Improved productivity
  • Elevating knowledge transfer from just getting information to the retaining of practical experience and wisdom
  • Critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills
  • Having a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally
  • Acquiring specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to personal goals
  • Access to a friendly ear with which to share frustrations as well as successes
  • Better understanding of your overheads and cost structures.

You are welcome to be matched with that specific mentor. Please indicate so on the application form.

You will be prompted on-line to renew your mentorship term two months prior to the end of your present term. You can choose to continue with the same mentor (provided the mentor is available) or choose to be matched with a different mentor.

It depends. If you would like a mentor specifically in your area, please specify so in your application form. Majority of the time protégés are matched with local mentors in their city. There are some instances where the best match may be elsewhere in Canada, outside of your local area.

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Mentor Information

The Program is structured but remains very flexible. Your availability and time commitment should be discussed with your protégé during your first meeting and should be indicated in the Mentor/Protégé agreement which will be provided by the Program Coordinator to be signed by both parties should you agree to work with the Protégé assigned to you. 2-5 hours per month tends to be the average.


You will be added to our database once you complete a one-time brief mentor information form. You will automatically be matched through the portal, and you will be contacted by our Program Coordinator before you are confirmed as a match with a protégé. Should there not be a protégé that is an ideal match, you will remain in our database and paired in a subsequent term where we find an appropriate fit for your areas of expertise.

A protégé will be assigned to you according to your strengths identified in the mentor information form that you will have completed, and a protégé’s business requirements as stated in their application form. Once the match has been made by the Program Coordinator, you will receive an online prompt to confirm that you are comfortable with the protégé with their profile. Only after you confirm will the protégé be notified to arrange your first meeting with them. The match will only be confirmed after you meet your protégé and are satisfied that it is the right protégé for you.

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