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Action and Contemplation

Even for those who are not in school, September seems to be a month of “leaping into action”. We mentally switch off the “summer vacation” mode, and immediately immerse ourselves in various tasks as we move from the last day of August to the first day of September.   Some of us may not even have […]

Happiness now, not tomorrow

How often do we say, “we will be happy when/if…” to ourselves? Do we see happiness as a “cheat day food” after finishing a hard workout regime? Do we see happiness as a trophy after you have won a race? Do we see happiness as that feeble moment when we have accomplished something?  Do we […]

Realistic Goals and Expectations

Setting goals and expectations for yourself can be a useful tool for both professional and personal growth.  However, we need to be mindful of these expectations because they can also alter our perception of ourselves and others.  Have you ever wondered whether your expectations are really helping you?  Here are some of the questions that […]

Title cover: Nevertheless, she persisted

She Persisted

By Crystal Chan To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, I would like to recommend the “She Persisted” book series.  The books may have been written to inspire our little ones, but I think it’s just as important for us to get to know these heroines and to celebrate their impact on our society.  This […]