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How It Works

Our Mentorship Program has subscribed to this service to help develop discussions mentor and protege have on industry relevant issues. Further, to research potential customer or client industries that the participant would like to service.  These reports will provide additional knowledge of trends in your industry or confirm what you already know about your business.

While many of the industry reports are US based, they do have relevance and value for our Canadian companies in identifying trends and developing key performance indicators for each business.  The reports can potentially be used for the following:

  1. Request your mentor to do a quick review to give them a more in depth understanding of your industry.

  2. During a meeting with your mentor review the sections dealing with Critical Issues, Business Challenges, Business Trends, Industry Opportunities and Call Prep Questions.

  3. From the sections in #2 above, select one or two topics most relevant to your growth opportunities or threats that may be relevant to your business and discuss a potential strategy to tackle these issues. These issues may form the basis of future discussions where you initially discuss strategy and have subsequent discussions around tactics to actions you will take to deal with these issues.

  4. Using the financial information, consider comparing your company's financial results to those of the industry benchmarks and set a few key quantifiable benchmark goals with your mentor to track during the year.

Sample Industry Profile Reports (U.S, NAICS format):