About Us

Our Mission

The Raj Manek Mentorship Program is a Canadian non-profit organization, 100% volunteer-run, and the leading provider of business coaching, mentorship, and complementary tools to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who demonstrate a strong desire and readiness for personal and professional growth in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Our Vision

The growth and prosperity of young businesses and the larger community have been and continue to be our top priority. We offer personalized mentorship matching services, educational seminars and webinars, exciting networking opportunities, and a business information toolkit with access to experienced advisors - all of which are continually reviewed and updated, in order to enhance the participant experience and ensure the best opportunities for growth and prosperity.

We currently operate the Raj Manek Mentorship Program in Saskatchewan and in Alberta - specifically in the cities of Saskatoon, Regina, and Humboldt. However, we are eager to expand to within Saskatchewan and to Alberta in hopes of helping businesses within other communities grow and prosper.

Our Values

Support: We support business owners and their entrepreneurial development through Mentorship, Training and Education.

Encouragement: We believe entrepreneurial development and growth should be recognized and encouraged through: Communication, Awards and Networking Opportunities.