Marketing Tactics

  • Visual identity is a marketing concept that encompasses the character of the business and carefully yet strategically choosing visual logos, photos, and elements to emphasis the brand of the business to the target audiences.
  • Content includes guides on creating a visual identity, sample identities, and other relevant information about visual identity in the business world today


visual marketing

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  • Packaging plays an important role in the marketing mix of products and services for a business. It has a significant role in promotional campaigns, pricing criterions, defining character of product and creating brand identity in the market today.
  • Content includes factors that should be considered in packaging, packaging in the market mix, and relevant information about innovative solutions and methods for packaging products



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  • Internet Presence (or Management) is a critical tool concerned on increasing business's online presence and overall internet efficiencies. This is achieved when advertisers communicate the brand through various forms of online marketing, increasing brand awareness and presence online.
  • Content includes information on various online marketing channels, ways of improving/increasing internet presence, and relevant information on methods used today to convey brand awareness



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  • Internet marketing solely uses means of internet communications to deliver marketing content to specified target markets. Online advertising often requires publishers who integrate content and an advertiser who allows the advertisement to be displayed in the publishers content.
  • Content includes ways of conducting internet marketing, ways of measuring success rates in internet marketing, and various other resources on the pros/cons of internet marketing.



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  • The main objective of advertising and promotion is to raise consumer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales and brand loyalty. These objectives can be strategically thought out in the Promotion Plan of any business or organization.
  • Content includes effective advertising a product or business, pros/cons of using different channels of advertising, and other relevant information about advertising in the business world today.



  • Business advertising has become an effective tool in establishing market brand, product awareness, and ultimately increasing sales. Properly conducting a business advertisement with cost effective methods should always be considered.
  • Content will include various methods of advertising, cost effective methods to reach large target markets, and various other resources on how to advertise effectively.


Campaign Launch

  • For many companies, marketing campaigns are the main method for both communicating with their market to reinforce their positioning, and for customer acquisition.Many marketing campaigns contain an overarching theme, which can be leveraged over extended periods of time with multiple variations, or different elements, to tell an entire story.
  • Content will include information on launching a market campaign, how to establish strong marketing brands within the campaign, and various other resources on ensuring target audience and cost are efficient.


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  • Direct mail allows any business or organizations to directly communicate to the end consumer without any mediators or mediums. Direct mail emphasis on consumer, data, and accountability as main factors for this marketing tool.
  • Content includes characteristics of Direct mail, pros/cons of using Direct mail, implementing direct mail, and other relevant information concerning direct mail.


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  • Gorilla marketing is an innovative marketing strategy used as an low-cost method of bringing attention to products and business brands. Gorilla marketing is used to promote through a network of individuals, groups and organizations, commonly as internet marking and flash mobs.
  • Content includes the strategy of guerrilla marketing, pros/cons of using this strategy, and relevant information about gorilla marking in the business world today


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  • Customer referrals and Loyalty programs encourage loyal buying behavior. Offering incentives such as membership benefits, discounts, and bonuses can help propagate marketing, growth, and sustainability for businesses and organizations.
  • Content includes reward primers, information on designing and implementing loyalty programs, and the cons of having loyalty programs in the business world today.


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