Marketing Communications

  • Every communication strategy starts with a with the development of a key marketing message. The key message is major factor that differentiates your business from others in the market. To create value for the business and its products and services their must be a key message in place.
  • Content includes developing communication strategies, basics of branding, and implementing key messages in marketing forms


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  • Public relations is all about the practice of spreading information between individuals and businesses. The whole focal point behind public relations with marketing is to maintain and formulate a desired perspective about a business and its products and services. Further, emphasis this perspective on stakeholders and shareholders in the company.
  • Content includes tactics for public relations, managing public relations, and other relevant articles and information on public relations in the market today.



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  • Media relations is about informing the public about the business's mission policies, and practice in a positive and consistent manner. The main goal is to maximize this positive objective to the largest target audiences without increase cost of advertising and promotions.
  • Content includes methods of maintaing positive media relations, channels to convey messages in the media, and relevant information on media relations in the world today



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Model of Communication

  • Every organization, no matter what their expertise and where they are situated, and what scale they operate, realize and value the importance of good communication.This communication for organizations takes place both within the organization as well as with other outside stakeholders outside.Therefore, it is vital for any business organization to understand the communication models out there, so they can use them for enhancing effective communication in the organization.
  • Content will include information of the theoretical concept of communication and it's model, ways of integrating the model to any business, and various other resources about marketing communication.


Marketing Message

  • Part of selling any product or service is the underlying "message" that you want to bring across to customers and clients. Communication is key to any business and to deliver effective and powerful messages will be a distinct factor in how successful it will be.
  • Content will include ways of using single voice communication, how to effectively deliver marketing messages, and formulating marketing strategies that utilize strong communication skills


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  • Crisis communications is concerned in public relations and specifically public challenges that a business, individual, or organization might face. It is a set of factors designed to combat crisis and lessen the damages that it might inflict on that individual or business.
  • Content includes categories of crisis communications, tactics to use, and other relevant information in the business world today


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