• While it is common to think the sales means more profit, therefore success it is not always the best to have. Any business or organization must see where it went wrong, where it went right, and how to improve in the long run. In understanding and improving the sales strategy will ensure profitable sales growth that will grow the company not damage it.
  • Content includes evaluating sales growth/strategy, improving and formatting sales strategies, and other relevant information about sales strategies and growth in the business world today


Source: entrepreneurship.org,  Date retrieved: August,14,2014.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most important and useful financial indicators used by the business world. Return on Investment refers to investments and the measure of return for these investments to a investor of business.
  • Content includes ways of calculating ROI, ways of understanding and interpreting ROI, and other relevant information about ROI and its implications on businesses today


Source: investopedia.com, Date retrieved: August,14,2014.

  • Customer Survey/Feedback examines the extent to which customers are satisfied with the context, processes, and cost of products and services from a business. It is an extremely useful tool in evaluating customer relations, quality of products and services, and serves to provide feedback in improving efficiencies and performances.
  • Content includes information on developing and deploying customer surveys, templates about customer surveys, and other relevant information on using this feedback process in the business world today.


Source: marketingdonut.co.uk, Date retrieved: August,14,2014.

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