IT Controller

Someone must keep track of your IT with a mandate to find opportunity, mitigate risk, and maintain value. This position should define metrics that are easy to track and give useful reporting to leadership.

The critical decision when thinking about this position is deciding whether you will do this internally or find a service provider. With either choice it needs to be someone you trust who is looking out for your best interests.

In most cases with small business it comes down to whether or not you enjoy working with IT. If you don’t you should start looking at and meeting with vendors who provide the software and services you are after. If you do, you should develop the position yourself and then begin looking for a good fit to hire as controller, and then consider how you will develop your own internal IT culture. When you pick a vendor, or hire a controller, you should make sure they enjoy and are excited by IT. While it is relatively easy to find someone who can maintain value and mitigate risk, you want an enthusiast to find and evaluate the best opportunities.