• Job descriptions are critical for having a cohesive and understanding work force in any type of business. Understanding roles and responsibilities, importance of an designated position, and how employee's role in the business effects the mission and vision of the organization are all key considerations for this page.
  • Sample Job Descriptions, the significance of Job Descriptions, and appropriate format of Job Descriptions will be provided in this section to facilitate new managers and business owners to develop their own company positions.

Why are Job Descriptions Important?

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Source:, Date retrieved: August,7,2014.

  • Writing an effective job posting is critical in hiring the best and talented employees who can move your organization forward. Having key criteria in place with defined metrics allows you to select qualified individuals and align them with the focus of the company to ensure both short term and long term success.
  • Expect to see insight on the process of formulating effective and accurate job postings that target the most relevant group of employees, sample job posts, and tips to ensure large exposure to get positive response rates.


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  • Having a diverse workforce enables high levels of productivity, constructive feedback, and powerful group thinking. Diversity should encompass the constituents and the psychological thinking that enables different opinions and ideas to be brought to the table.
  • Content will include articles on having a diverse workforce, managing a diverse team, and sourcing diverse members for strategic development.


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Interviewing is a critical stage in the on boarding of new employees to any business. Considering the environment, questions, and effectively delivering a "business conversation" are critical to ensure you hire the right person.

The content files will deliver a intensive look at ways to developing a standardized procedure for applicants. From selection process to sample interview questions, this component will deliver the full "road map" to ensure you pick the best fit!

Plan the Selection Process

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Sample Interview Questions

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  • Once you have established your successful candidate there are a few steps left to finalize the process and start with the Job. Conducting reference checks, comparing interview scores, and abiding by any government regulations for securing employment are key factors within any business.
  • Content will include sample interview scoring guides, links to federal agencies in conducting proper criminal checks, and information on choosing your best applicant.

Download an interview scoring grid here  (Source:, Date retrieved: August,07,2014)

Download a sample reference check form here (Source:, Date retrieved: August,07,2014)

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  • Within the on boarding process, giving a proper and effective orientation of the business to your new employee ensures that the employee are comfortable, increases their change of being successful, and helps them learn more about their role in the company. It will further increase retention rate and money in recruitment in the long run.
  • Content will include the process of on boarding, common pitfalls to avoid, articles on being engaged and continuing to develop the employee within the company.

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  • The Temporary Workers Program set out by the Canadian Government in 2006 allows employers in Canada to hire foreign nationals. With more then 500,000 workers being brought in since the inception of the program, it is proven to be an extremely beneficial route for expanding and developing businesses to outsource employees for specific duties.
  • Content will include various resources that can be utilized in order take full benefit of this federal program. All changes and updates will also be posted.

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  • International recruiting is proving to be a consistent option for business to take in diversifying and performing at a economically sustainable manner. With that comes strict regulations and policies established by the federal government as well as resources to help with the process.
  • Content will include Labor Market Opinion framework, process of attaining international workers, and articles discussing benefits and issues of obtaining foreign nationals for your business.

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  • Today's economy has forced many businesses to think critically in finding low cost methods for various services within their business. Outsourcing is a key element that provides low cost yet highly effective delivery of required tasks fit for any scale of business. Outsourcing is a increasingly trending topic within the business world.
  • Content will include information on local vs. international workforce, outsourcing directory provided by the Canadian government, and related information that will assist in understanding the process and mechanics of outsourcing.

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