Performance Management

  • Engaging the employees in today's business environment is critical in ensuring employees are more productive, supportive, and dedicated to their duty. Having this sense of motivation will ensure full potential an employee can bring to the business ensuring successful benchmarks and performance results for the overall company.
  • Content includes responsibilities of HR and its role in engagement, articles on effective methods of creating intrinsic motivation, and various other resources to deploy strategic outlook on ensuring full engagement of various employees in the business world.


employee engagement and retention

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  • Feedback is a very important tool for giving constructive assessment for employees to critically example their performance over some specified interval of time. Feedback has many important functions including identifying areas of improvement, establish training requirements for new and current employees, and establish work plans/goals for the next assessment period.
  • Content includes various scales that companies use in giving feedback, various templates that can be used for feedback, and various other resources in providing/interpreting feedback to employees.

Download a sample feedback form here


Performance Review

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  • Measuring employee growth and performance within the company/organization is a key measure of success in the long run. Performance appraisals provide a way to help identify areas of performance enhancement and help professional growth in the workplace. The success of such assessment goes both ways, the manager provides constructive and objective style appraisals and the employee works mutually with the manager in order to improve themselves to the established standards.
  • Content will include sample performance appraisal forms and templates as well as links/resources to various articles showing how to analyze and discuss appraisals with employees.

Download an Employee Conversation Planning Map here

Download a Sample Performance Form here

  • Keeping employees motivated and engaged with the companies mission, values, and responsibilities is a key challenge that many companies face today. The importance of offering rewards and incentives that recognize the effort and accomplishments of employees has proven to be a vital tool to sustained motivation, increased performance, and increased job satisfaction for all businesses.
  • Content will include articles/reports on establishing various reward systems based on performance, how companies can create recognition programs, and various pros/cons of having such programs in place.

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  • One of the most significant factors in how well managed a company is determined by how well supervision is conducted. Strong supervision from appropriate seniors and managers add to a positive work environment, make employees feel successful, and can be a proven competitive advantage to similar companies in the industry.
  • Content files include the various roles of supervisors, how to be an effective supervisor, and various other resources in integrating performance metrics and monitoring processes.



  • Any business or organization cannot carry on the their mission and vision unless they have powerful and effective leaders. These leaders must provide inspiration, motivation, and inspiration in order for them to lead their team. Further, this ensures there is a understanding of the vision for all members and employee relations are well established to ensure long term success.
  • This segment will include delivering leadership practices, methods and processes to lead a diverse workforce, and benefits that leaders can bring to a business or organization.

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