Learning and Development

  • One of the most powerful factors in employee success is employee engagement. Employees that are engaged tend to be more productive, customer focused, profit generating and are usually to retain.
  • Content will include ways of engaging employees and various resources to implement engagement strategies in the workplace.

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  • Understanding how your employees think is a vital component in performance feedback, growth, and improvements in the business. Understanding the psychological behaviour of learning is considerate a vital tool for HR and to deliver tools that can effectively deliver concepts in a timely efficient manner will ensure low cost high retention rates.
  • Content will include a wide variety of resources to inform on learning behaviours, tips and tools to deliver content, and various resources to formulate and sustain learning development for employees in the business.

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  • Good management practices and strategies are extremely beneficial but at times lack in developing and progressing employees in a business. There is often a gap between the need for training and accessibility to resources that can provide useful knowledge. By using effective and current/updated methodologies can show dramatic improvement in employee and organization performance.
  • Content includes various methods to offer accessible and cost effective methods of delivering learn-able content to employees, online tools and resources for learning, and training videos on how to train and teach concepts effectively.


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  • Understanding the way employees learn is an extremely effect way of ensuring material is understood and absorbed by various employees. There are specific ways of learning and to implement strategic development in each area is key to ensuring learning success in any scale of business.
  • Content includes videos and articles on learning styles and ways of implementing them in the work force or daily routine.

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  • Learning and striving for corporate goals is often extremely difficult to achieve. Focusing on performance management within your organization affects overall organization success and ensuring alignment of the business to it's directed strategy is key to the ultimate success.
  • Various articles and resources on ways of aligning employees and overall organization to corporate goals

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  • Engaging employees through specific development phases is key to assessment and increasing performance in the work force. Having a personal development guide can be useful for employees to see how well their objectives are meeting their overall goal.
  • Content will include various articles and information on implementing and using a Personal Development Template.

Personal Development Plan template

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  • Apprenticeship is an agreement between a person (an apprentice) who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker. After completing both the classroom and the on-the-job training, apprentices can receive journey person certification or a certificate of qualification, allowing better employment prospects and increased opportunities for mobility across Canada.
  • Content includes information about the Apprentice program, Government Grants, and related updates on the Program.

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  • Understanding the legal safety standards in the workplace established by the Canadian government and related standards that must be met are considered vital considerations that any business must consider when assigning roles to employees. The Canada Labor Code must be abided by all business and organizations and understanding this code as well as to implement it is essential for long term success.
  • This segment will include up-to-date resources on the Canada Labor Code, Rules and regulations governing labor standards and safety, and finally various resources to inform and engaged both parties to ensure a long term safe work environment exists.

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  • Measuring the success of integrating and integration of new learning to your employees is an critical assessment. Learning to measure the effectiveness of training and development can be proven to be useful tool in making sure employee are engaged in their specific niche of market, prepared to take on any dynamics that come from it.
  • Content will include ways of measuring ROI of Learning and various other resources to help scale and measure effectiveness of training programs.

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