• Capital required for start up is an essential component to ensure liquidity and growth within a business. Businesses that often have cash can increase assets and buying power to further meet demand or expand into other markets. Angel Investors are individuals who can provide such leverage through cash in exchange for some ownership (equity) of the company in transaction.
  • Content will include explanations of conditions and expectations present for angel investors, how to capture interest of angel investors, and the prons/cons of giving up equity for angel investors.


2012 Report on Angel Investment in Canada

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  • Business capital is essential for any start-up or thriving businesses. As the business grows seeking and sustaining various sources of cash flows are essential to ensure stability and to meet the needs of the company.
  • Content will include information of difference sources of cash flows, pros/cons of each source, and articles of present innovative methods (e.g crowd sourcing) of acquiring capital.


Asset-based vs. Cash-Flow Loans: The Pros and Cons

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  • In order for businesses to flourish and as well get off the ground, they need financing options readily available to utilize. One common method of financing for small businesses is debt financing through various banks or credit unions. In order to successfully obtain a loan, you must complete major steps in the application process.
  • Content will include information on various types of financing available in the Canadian market, how to apply for business loans, and the risks associated with debts/loans.
  • Credit cards are common means to which businesses obtain inventory and goods. Having a strong line of credit and credit history allows further financial freedoms and budget efficiency.
  • Content will include credit card options for small businesses, pros/cons of using credit cards, and various other resources in using credit cards with knowledge.

Payment Systems: The Credit Card Market in Canada

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  • Private equity consists of private firms, venture firms, and angel investors that have predetermined objectives in mind when giving cash to small businesses. Understanding the requirements of private capital and securing grants are essential in order to access such investors and programs in the market today.
  • Content includes ways of pitching business to investors, information on business grants, and various other resources on private equity deals and requirements in Canada.

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  • Ensuring that your business or organization is financial sustainable is a requirement that must be ensured. Potential investors, creditors, and opportunities for growth must all depend on the outlook of financial strategy/sustainability.
  • Content will include methods of formulating financial strategies, methods of making an organizational financial sustainable, and structure required to make them financial sustainable.

Developing a Financial Strategy

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  • The power of money can be proven to be unlimited through financial investments. Understanding risk management, types of investments, and returns are all key areas that investors must understand to be successful in their ventures.
  • Content will include various types of investment models in Canada, risks associated with these risks, returns associated with these risks, and managing portfolio risk to ensure minimum loss.


Investments at a glanceequities

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  • Revenue models are extremely important tools in commercializing new products and technologies. "The revenue model and pricing you choose will impact marketing decisions as well as customer service decisions, and ultimately the viability of your overall business model."
  • Content includes explanation of revenue models, how to formulate revenue models, and methods of effectively integrating revenue models to your business or organization.

Revenue Models

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