Monthly Musings

This Year’s Monthly Musings

Lawn Talk

The past month was all heat and no rain.  There seems to be no relief in sight.  Trees and shrubs are showing signs of distress, and some homeowners have abandoned the idea of keeping the lawn this summer.

The Grief Wheel

The Grief Wheel

We have been grieving a lot since the pandemic hit. Then we found ourselves grieving some more in the past week as we learn more about the confirmation of unmarked graves in residential schools across the country.

person holding a clock

The three A’s in time management

Healthy or not, our modern life is a lot about “getting as many things done as quickly as possible”. We always strive for becoming more productive and better in managing our time. But how? Look around and you will be bombarded with books, life hacks and apps that will help you improve your time management skills.

Feeling Joy

March 11 marked the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic. The world was forever changed because of this tiny virus. All of us have suffered from tragic loss yet the future remains uncertain in many ways. Sometimes we wonder, will we ever get through this? Will we be free and happy again?

Mental Load

Mental Load

March always has a special place in my heart – not only does it signal that the worst of winter is over, but this month also is the time when we celebrate women across the world and rally for gender equality.

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