Mental Load

Mental Load

By Crystal Chan

March always has a special place in my heart – not only does it signal that the worst of winter is over, but this month also is the time when we celebrate women across the world and rally for gender equality. 

For this month, I wanted to raise the awareness of “mental load” by sharing this brilliant comic created by Emma with you:

I first came across this in 2017 soon after the English translation was made.  The idea being discussed in this comic is still very relevant to date.  According to an UN report released in November 2020 (“Whose time to care?”), more women than men have reported an increase in their household work and care activities during the pandemic.

As the comic revealed, this has to do with conditioning and it will take efforts to change our behavior.  So for this month, share this comic with your friends and loved ones, and let’s work together to find solutions that will correct the imbalance.

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