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Something to consider while setting your goals for 2021

For most of us, the arrival of a new year means setting up resolutions, taking on new challenges, or creating a theme for the year ahead.  Maybe we simply want to get back to some normalcy for this particular year, but improvement is what we would generally like to see as we switch to a new calendar.

For those who have already set up new year goals, have you found yourself an accountability partner yet?

An accountability partner is someone who will help you to keep a commitment.  According to a research performed by the American Society of Training and Development, people who have an accountability partner are 65% more likely to achieve their goals.  Those who meet with their accountability partner regularly are 95% more likely to succeed.

An accountability partnership is different from mentorship because it is a peer-to-peer relationship.  How the partnership will look like depend on individual circumstances.  First and foremost, your accountability partner needs to be someone you respect and trust.  The person will be reachable when you need a progress review or some encouragement to keep on.  Ideally, the person will share similar motivation but have a different personality – that way both of you can appreciate and learn the perspective, strengths, and abilities of the other person.

Picking an accountability partner can be tricky and a partnership may not be fruitful.  When things do not work out, try another way to work towards your goal but don’t give up your goal.  And remember, it is not always about completion and perfection.  The intent to improve is the key. 

And no matter what goals you have in mind, do not forget to find joy in the process. 

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