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Let’s try a different advent calendar this year!

December always comes in as a mixed blessing – on one hand, we are glad that things are winding down and are looking forward to some down time with our loved ones.  On the other hand, all the holiday-related obligations add to our stress.  This December is especially taxing because of the pandemic.  Holiday celebration and gathering events are cancelled.  Shopping options become severely limited in some areas under strict lockdown measures.  Even getting a decent advent calendar in a store could pose a significant challenge this year!

Just because we cannot get a physical advent calendar in store this year, it doesn’t mean that we will have to throw the tradition out.  Have you thought of doing a different kind of advent calendar this year?  Here are a couple of ideas for you:

Action for Happiness releases monthly calendars that are packed with actions one can take to make the world a happier and kinder place.  There is a different theme for each month and this December is the “Do Good” month.  They also have a special coping calendar to help us take care of ourselves and each other as we navigate this global crisis .

The Greater Good Magazine also releases its monthly happiness calendar and this month is about connection and generosity.

But what about the daily treats, you ask?  Well – because this year is just so unusual, why not try following your gut instinct every day this month?  Chocolate, cheese, Christmas snacks – whatever you want!  No harm for letting yourself loose for this month, right?

Wishing everyone a joyful and safe holiday!

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