Three people around a fire in winter

You got any plan this winter?

You must think that I am being sarcastic with my title,  I am not.

Here are a few things in my list and I am excited about what is in it,

  • Go on hiking with my snowshoes
  • Make candles using leftover wax from old candles
  • Try African food (there are at least 3 in where I live!)
  • Work on some landscape paintings
  • And many others…

For most of us (the non-winter types), we often dread about the season change because days are getting shorter and colder.  It feels specifically worse this year because of the pandemic.   We said to ourselves, “at least we were able to go outside in the summer, what now?”

Adventure is dependent on our means.  We can maintain our sense of adventure even when our mobility is limited.  The key question is – when was the last time you did something for the first time?

The question can be translated to: When was the last time you explored another neighborhood or visited one of the “tourist attractions” in your own city?  When was the last time you deliberately eat in a different store, or try a new exercise routine, or pick a new genre of music to listen to? 

The more you think about these questions – the more you realize there are many things you haven’t done yet.  We often equate “something new and exciting” to “something grandiose”.  In the process we ignore all the possibilities that are within reach.    

Pushing your imagination right now is not an exercise in frustration.  Especially during uncertain times, it is more important than ever to be able to think outside the box, to turn limitations to potentials.

So, are you ready to put together your winter “bucket list”?

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