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When was the last time you feel inspired?

We are all very busy people – work during the weekdays, groceries and house chores on the weekend.  Our schedule is often so packed with various commitments, all we could do is keep doing, keep checking things off our list before it gets too long.

We often just say – we do these things because we have to, because otherwise they won’t get done.

Then we become tired, bored, and a little stuck.

We keep asking ourselves – we need to change.  We need to feel motivated and get our energy back again.

But how?  You asked.

What about trying to do something completely different?

One thing that depletes our inspiration is the comfort of familiarity.  We like listening to the same genre of music, eating the same type of cuisine, and reading the style of writing.  We tend to stick to our favorites not only because “we like them”, but also because we can anticipate a certain outcome.

But inspiration stimulates us because it surprises us and reveals a new connection that we never would have expected otherwise.

And what about setting aside some time to do something just for the fun of it?

We all knew how to play as a child, but as we “grow up” we seem to have lost that ability.  We demand ourselves to have a goal or an agenda behind everything we do.  But through that process, we create unnecessary constraint to our boundless creativity and freedom. 

So take a moment to imagine if you had 4 other lives to lead besides the one you are having, what would they look like?  If you dream of being an opera singer, perhaps it is time to try a singing class just to amuse yourself?

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