Trevor Jacek

Commercial Leasing in the COVID-19 Era

Trevor Jacek

Chief Financial Officer, Mid-West Group of Companies

Marla Sluzal

Sales Associate, ICR Commercial Real Estate

In this Webinar, Trevor Jacek and Marla Sluzalo discuss commercial leasing in the COVID-19 era

Trevor Jacek is Chief Financial Officer of the Mid–West Group of Companies, a diverse company with divisions in North American commercial and residential real estate development and investment, commercial and residential property leasing, property management, automotive sales, repair and parts supply, as well as business financing and other more diverse businesses. Trevor is involved with all aspects of operations including real-estate development and investment, acquisitions, joint ventures, property management, commercial real estate leasing, and investment management.


  • Landlords and tenants working together through COVID crisis
  • What will be important to tenants go-forward?
  • What will be important to landlords go-forward?
  • How might businesses use real estate differently in the future as a result of what we’ve learned during COVID?
  • What other outside factors are effecting real estate decisions and costs these days?

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