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During this time of uncertainty,

Sometimes we will feel that time has frozen, and then quickly realize so much time has already gone by. 

That is OK.

Sometimes we will very angry about missed opportunities and disrupted plans, while other times we feel grateful about re-discovering openings that have been long overlooked.

That is OK. 

One day we tick off all the things in our to-do list and then some, and then we cannot seem to even get out of bed to make coffee the next day.

That is OK.

Sometimes we feel more exhausted and lonelier after a virtual gathering with our loved ones, while other times that online hang out makes our day.

That is OK.

One day we wake up feeling positive about using this “pause” to re-tool and improve ourselves, then the next day we wake up paralyzed by our anxiety about the future.

That is OK.

Our world is in a turmoil during this global pandemic.  Our body and mind are still trying to process all the changes that have been thrown at us, so our mood and energy level fluctuate on a daily or even hourly basis.  

When you begin to wonder why you are having contrasting thoughts and emotions, please be assured that you have not gone crazy.  We are all under a lot of stress right now.  Be kind to yourself.  That could mean pushing yourself forward and taking things easy – depending on the day.  Today you might be the one helping others who are in need, then tomorrow you might be the one who need help.  Just meet yourself where you are at.

Adapt to the ebbs and flows, let your contrasting thoughts and emotions co-exist.  Tell yourself – that is OK.

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