Stephen McGarvey

Learning to #Shift Your Thinking During Uncertain Times

Stephen McGarvey is a world-leading authority on unconscious communication, persuasion, and influence. He has assisted corporations and audiences around the world in solving difficult communications problems by guiding them on what has been described as an engaging, fast-paced and fascinating journey inside the unconscious mind. Stephen helps individuals understand how the unconscious mind works when it comes to motivation, persuasion, and influence, and how to get better results by leveraging unconscious communication in a range of business contexts. He has improved performance internationally by speaking to a variety of audiences in a myriad of venues, ranging from the American Psychiatric Association Conference to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Stephen is uniquely qualified to help you master the art and science of unconscious persuasion and influence.

A flip book of the presentation can be found here.

A Harvard Business Review article on this subject can be found here

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