Everything is Waiting for You

Everything is waiting for you

These days there is only one thing that dominates everyone’s mind – the coronavirus pandemic.

Within a very short period of time we have lost our “normality” as a society.  What we have taken for granted in the past is now being taken away. 

Everyday our minds are flooded with new updates, disease data, personal stories, analyses and forecasts. 

The world is now full of opinions on how the government should handle the crisis and resources on how to get through the hardship.  We are bombarded by countless advice on how to do our most mundane everyday chores – set up a home office, strike a new work-life balance while we are all stuck at home, and make use of this interruption as an opportunity to chart a new path for ourselves. 

This blog will offer none of the above.

We are now experiencing a trauma as a collective and the impact will linger for months and years after we have conquered the virus.  We need to fully acknowledge that to ourselves as we are navigating through this turmoil.

Sometimes I take solace in poetry and I came across this poem by David Whyte which speaks of our current moment so beautifully:

To all of you – be kind to yourself, take gentle action.  Stay safe, and healthy.

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